This retainer package is perfect for companies that need help creating insightful digital transformation / IT content that people actually read.

I will personally perform all of the interviews with the relevant executives on your team and transform this into business content that performs well.

On a monthly basis, you will receive ~7 pieces of content including:

    • Monthly newsletter

    • Client case studies

    • White papers

    • Blog posts (1,000+ words)

    • LinkedIn short-form posts

* Content pieces are interchangeable and the number of pieces written can depend on length & research required for each piece.

ROBBIE’S HONEST THOUGHTS: Creating content for the sake of creating content is the quickest way to waste time and money. Not only does boring content not get read, it has zero SEO value even if you create 50 articles a month.

The most effective B2B content comes from an authoritative source (executive of a company or well-known brand), and takes a strong stance on a topic or provides deep insight on a relevant issue.

Instead of saying “7 Ways to Build a Better Customer Support Team” it should be “We Handled 10,000 Customer Support Tickets in a Week With a 99% Customer Satisfaction Rate. Here’s How We Did It.” Or it can be a definitive white paper titled “How to Create and Execute a Customer Support Organization That Scores Above 70 in Net Promoter Scores Consistently -- The Step by Step Guide.”


This Personal Relations (PR) package is for executives who want to level up their standing.

This includes:

  • Speaking opportunities in industry events

  • Guests on leadership and industry podcasts & webinars

  • Profile pieces in IT and Industry publications

  • Coverage for success stories

ROBBIE’S HONEST THOUGHTS: Admittedly, most PR doesn’t work. The PR world is filled with false promises from PR agencies on coverage that never happens. The reality for B2B companies is that most publications think what your company is doing is really boring and offers no value for their readers.

They are mostly right.

It’s a big reason why I’m focused on getting PR for executives of companies and not necessarily the company they work for. The individuals are interesting, not the company they represent. Yes, even your company.


This includes the creation of consistent webinars & podcasts. I will be responsible for sourcing guests, webinar and podcasts hosts, podcast pre-production & post-production, as well as content production & social promotion once the interview is complete.

To be effective, I recommend the following cadence:

  • 1 webinar per month

  • 2 podcasts per month

  • 3 pieces of written content (1 per podcast / webinar)

  • 6-12 pieces of curated video, image, and text content to be used for social media

  • 2 magazine interviews

ROBBIE’S HONEST THOUGHTS: Not many people are going to listen to your podcast or webinar from start to finish. The goal of this is not necessarily to build a cult following. The power of podcasts & webinars are the guests!

The guests that will be interviewed on your company’s podcasts & webinars should be potential clients of your business. This is a passive way to get to know your prospective clients a little better.

Interested in talking further? send me an email to or fill out the contact form