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I do two things:

1) I write for successful executives who have a lot to say, but not enough time to write.

2) I help boring tech companies be better at modern content marketing and PR.

If these points above resonate with you, I just might be your guy. Learn more below, or check out my marketing packages

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Hi, I'm Robbie --

I’m an author, ghostwriter, and marketer. I’ve run marketing for some of the best boutique digital and IT agencies in the world. As a former IT consultant for Accenture and Deloitte, I’ve led multiple IT and digital transformation projects for Walmart, Microsoft, Allstate Insurance, and many other major organizations. As a writer for Inc. Magazine, I’ve interviewed C-level executives of great brands like GE, McDonald’s, Boeing, and Burger King.

I currently help technology companies and executives market themselves for the modern world.

Robbie understands the digital and enterprise tech space better than anyone I know. His ability to write about tech and make it interesting is a huge asset for any company.
— Said Taiym, Chief Digital Officer at Lockton Group

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I PICK UP WHERE MOST PR COMPANIES FAIL. Hint: They don’t understand technology and write boring, inaccurate, generalized content

I’ve been honored to have a successful diverse career in the tech & digital space.  IT Consultant (ERP) for many Fortune 100 companies, IT Director, Marketing Director, CTO, Solutions Architect, Programmer, Project Manager, Content Marketer, and Ghostwriter for Agency Executives are some of the roles I’ve performed.

These roles allowed me to experience technology and technology consulting first hand. From pulling all-nighters debugging code and leading cloud transformations, to creating and executing digital marketing strategies that generate millions of dollars in new revenue. 

Robbie is creative and a hustler. Pay attention to what he’s working on.
— Noah Kagan, Employee #30 at Facebook, founder of AppSumo

MY CLIENTS DON’T PAY ME TO WRITE CONTENT. They pay me to implement a systemized process for generating revenue for their business

Inevitably the conversation comes down to this: How much do you charge per blog post? Do you charge per word? Per hour? Flat fee for a certain number of articles per month?

And my answer is generally this: Don’t pay me if you just need blog content created. I’m not worth it. In fact, I’ll send you recommendations of other content writers.

Clients hire me because they need a better marketing system in place. They need someone who knows exactly what the sales teams needs from marketing to attract more leads. They need someone who understands their business and can get exciting PR opportunities for them

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Robbie is one of the creative hustlers I know.
— James Altucher, 3x Entrepreneur, Creator of Award Winning Podcast and Author of WSJ Best Selling Book "Choose Yourself"


“Robbie has single-handedly changed how we market and sell to our clients. With his guidance, we went from zero inbound leads to 10 qualified leads a month. I have many connections on LinkedIn, and with Robbie’s consistent, engaging writing, I receive 5x more inMails from prospective clients, current clients & prospective hires. It’s a no-brainer to hire Robbie.”
CEO, Digital Agency — Chicago, IL

“We went from $500k / year in closed inbound deals attributed to marketing to $5M in closed deals directly because of Robbie’s efforts. His power is his words, and taking a strategy and putting it into action. He’s the only person I would ever trust writing for me, and I mean that.” CEO, Digital Agency — Redwood City, CA

“Within five days of hiring Robbie, he wrote a post on behalf of me that gained over 5M views. I had clients and even high school friends reach out to me to see what I was up to. He’s one of the very few writers who have a deep understanding of marketing & technology.”
CEO, Digital Agency — New York, New York

“Within two weeks of hiring Robbie, we saw an immediate benefit. He helped us get meetings with our target customers in a way that I haven’t seen before. He provided our sales team with effective sales outreach templates, led the website redesign with engaging copy, and he’s one of the few writers that can write an insightful 10 page white paper. He’s one of the few B2B marketing consultants that I trust.”
CEO, IT Consulting Company — (Pleasanton, CA)

“Robbie makes my life easier. Plain and simple. He is proactive in making it easier for me to secure speaking gigs.” Millennial Marketing Influencer - New York, New York


I’m in it to win it.

I’ve written several books on Career Advancement. I talk about digital strategy and innovation on Inc Magazine every week. I still take 250 coffee meetings every year in Chicago.

My goal isn’t to become the biggest marketing agency in the Midwest. My mission is help growing founders and companies succeed in any way possible.

An 11 man crew and a 2-day shoot resulted in this video for LinkedIn.

Contact me for a confidential conversation.

P.S. If you’re contacting me regarding services, my packages start at $8,000/month

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