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I recruit hard to find, talented digital executives.

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Hi, I'm Robbie --

When I joined the technology startup community, I took 250 coffee meetings in 400 days to get connected with some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and executives around the world.

Through this network, I’ve connected companies with talented CIOs, CMOs and CTOs. Digital transformation is the #1 priority for many companies, and my goal is to help companies find the right talent to lead them.

I’m focused on retaining companies looking to find a digital executive that will transform their business.

Robbie understands the digital and enterprise tech space better than anyone I know. His ability to connect people and companies is bar none.
— Said Taiym, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at AF Group

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Talent Solutions for Digital Transformation Programs

I’ve been honored to have a successful diverse career in the tech & digital space.  IT Consultant (ERP) for many Fortune 100 companies, IT Director, Marketing Director, CTO, Solutions Architect, Programmer, Project Manager, Content Marketer, and Ghostwriter for Agency Executives are some of the roles I’ve performed.

These roles allowed me to experience the impacts of digital and how digital transformation programs are the lifeblood of growing companies. I'm in a unique position to understand the talent needs of an organization to help them empower their transformation projects.

From hiring a Chief Digital Officer to hiring a special team to implement a technology project as part of a digital transformation, I'll find you the right person or partner.

I lead the process, source/qualify and deliver candidates that match the job spec, skill sets and cultural acumen that you and I have already agreed upon. Your team is guided through the entire search process by me to be sure the interviews are accurate, align with EEOC laws, and help you craft an offer strategy that is competitive and counteroffer-proof. 


Robbie is creative and a hustler. Pay attention to what he’s working on.
— Noah Kagan, Employee #30 at Facebook, founder of AppSumo

I am 100% focused on digital transformation leadership.

I've had the luxury of seeing founders who used to be in small offices grow their companies to multi-million dollar technology companies.

Transformation comes from leaders who are open and willing to disrupt their business from the inside out. I meet successful digital transformation leaders every day, and every week, I interview successful founders and executives for Inc Magazine and extract lessons learned from them.

The key to connecting with hidden talented digital executives is that you need to be trusted and respected. My professional background is what allows me to have deeper conversations with passive talent more than your typical executive recruiter.

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Robbie, thank you for everything you’ve done for me
— James Altucher, 3x Entrepreneur, Creator of Award Winning Podcast and Author of WSJ Best Selling Book "Choose Yourself"


I’m in it to win it.

I’ve written several books on Career Advancement. I talk about digital strategy and innovation on Inc Magazine every week. I still take 250 coffee meetings every year in Chicago.

My goal isn’t to become the biggest headhunter in the Midwest. I’m focused on finding the best and hidden digital talent in Chicago. The thrill of helping someone land their dream job is a feeling I can’t really explain. It’s what powers me to move mountains every Monday morning.

Deeply inside I knew what I wanted to do: live abroad, live my passion, which is to speak several languages daily in a fast-paced environment. Today, I do what makes me feel alive. Thank you Robbie
— Veronique, client

An 11 man crew and a 2-day shoot resulted in this video for LinkedIn.

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